Akane Doi

Place of birth Kyoto city


Date of birth July 11


Blood type AB


Zodiac Cancer


Character I'm optimistic, spontaneous and do things at my own pace


Special ability My laughter can be heard far away.


Hobbies Photography, cooking, travel, taking walks, vegetable gardening, doodling(drawing), taking baths, parties and drinking, hanging around in DIY stores, reading, and rearranging my room


Favorites colorfulness, deep-fried oysters, violin sounds, basketball, tennis,curry spice, penguins, imperfectness, nights, fragrant olives, round shapes, toweling, hands


Dislikes thunder, bees, heights and swimming


  • Pianist,Composer,Arranger
  • Play by Ear Music School (International Music School in Singapore)Collaboration artist
  • 厚生労働大臣認定 3rd grade Certified Skilled Worker of Web Design
  • The Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.(JAGDA)正会員 Web Designer
  • 一般社団法人Japan Organic Inspectors Association(JOIA)認定 Organic Communicator

I am a pianist, a composer, an arranger, and a supporting musician. 

And also a DTP designer and a web designer. My representative works are my album covers and my webpages.

I have been building a large network in various fields such as music, plays, movies, paintings, dance, public reading, cooking, and agriculture, and have started to take an interest in the possibility of mixing piano music with something else. 

Every time I do a solo performance, I collaborate with artists from various fields. In recent years, 

I have branched out beyond the field of music. Due to my deep interest in food and the environment, 

I got an Japan Organic Inspectors Association organic food communicator license and have been expanding my area of activity in a boundless and cross-genre way.

I arrange my music based on Pop while incorporating the essence of a wide variety of music, such as classical, Jazz and ethnic. 

A piano that resonates as if it were singing opens the heart of the listener.